The use of technology will be crucial to the future of the world. Applications for content producers already exist, including Twitch, Youtube, and more. So why not offer developers, artists, business executives, etc. a free service to launch their portfolios, blogs, ecommerce websites, etc. PalDomains wants to give everyone online the opportunity to create the unique website of their dreams. We will always stay true to our principles and never develop into a for-profit corporation.

Hey, do you know any free subdomain service? I want to host my portfolio but purchasing a domain which has "dev" in it is too expensive.
You can use PalDomains! They provide free subdomains and you can use their "" domain to create your portfolio! They also offer a variaty of domains to choose from! Enjoy, completely for free ;).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PalDomains?

PalDomains is a service that gives our clients access to free subdomains (i.e developers, artists, etc.) PalDomains and its partners will provide a hassle-free, entirely free option for you to launch your business, etc. on the internet.

When Will PalDomains Release?

PalDomains main development will start mid/late January, we expect to start taking in BETA applications mid February. Our BETA will allow our members to help us improve our service, for full release in Late April!

How Does PalDomains Make Profit?

PalDomains intends to provide an AD service through which users may earn coins that can be redeemed for a number of benefits on our website, such as extra subdomains, badges, etc. In addition, the revenue generated by PalAds and PalSubs is distributed evenly among our team, depending on job titles and other considerations, with our managers and developers receiving 50% of that revenue, the other 50% will go to paying for things like domain maintenance, trademark applications, and other expenses.

Why Do We Exist?

PalDomains is a service that doesn't only solve an ongoing issue, but also presents its clients with a opportunity to create and monetize their blogs, portfolios, products, etc.. PalDomains plans offers a unique alternative to buying domains from services such as Namecheap, Porkbun, and more.

Can I Donate To PalDomains?

Yes! PalDomains currently in running on a lack of funding, to allow us to continue to develop our product and register new domains, please check out our Pateron and Subscribe, if possible.

What Are PalCoins And PalAds?

PalAds is another service that PalDomains will offer, which will allow users to "Earn Coins" while watching ADs, trust me, it's not a crypto thing! PalCoins will allow users to buy cool badges, site advertising, and most importantly, more subdomains!